Bokkuri / Champagne cooler

ぼっくり / シャンパンクーラー

The prettiness created by the unique pattern coexists with the presence that dominates the space. This champagne cooler has a beautiful texture of black karatsu, which is characterized by its free, graceful strength and produces various expressions. The design wraps around the bottle and the heavy clay power keeps drinks such as champagne, wine, and sake cool.

The knobbly shape, which looks like ironware, was created by striking it with a pine cone. Designer Yumi Terauchi and ceramic artist Yukiko Tsuchiya conducted a series of dialogues and experiments to create a design that fits comfortably in the fingers and is easy to carry. Its solid weight makes it useful as a flower vase for trees and other plants.

Production: Yukiko Tsuchiya, ceramic artist
Design: Yumi Terauchi


If you would like wrapping, please purchase this wrapping product.

PACKAGE SIZE:W190mm×D190mm×H240mm in paper box
COMMENTS:Please note that as this is a handmade product, the degree of glaze, distortion, size, etc. may differ from the actual product. Please leave the selection to us.

Bokkuri / Champagne cooler



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