Field / Cloud Gray / Kantha stole

フィールド / クラウド / カンタ シルクストール

A single, large piece of cloth so delicately embroidered that it captivates at first glance. This Kantha embroidered scarf was born from a project that designer Yumi Terauchi worked on for several years, starting with a scarf she stumbled upon during her frequent visits to India.

Kantha embroidery is an ancient form of stitching and hand embroidery in the Bengal region. Each stole is made of hand-spun and hand-woven tussah silk and is carefully embroidered by women, giving it a presence that makes it an art piece to be worn. The tussah silk has a subtle sheen and is breathable, making it suitable for all seasons. This scarf is made from two pieces of fabric, with the reverse side in plain tussah silk.

The front side of this large scarf is made of hand-spun, hand-woven tussah silk and is fully embroidered with kantha embroidery depicting Indian folklore. Several different patterns are embroidered repeatedly, creating a single surface. The pattern repeats very simple, tiny shapes, but they all have minute differences. This ambiguity gives the whole piece a soft and warm impression.

The motif is a beautiful rural landscape seen from the sky, depicting an endless horizon. "GRASS," with its subdued green variations, evokes a refined depth, while "CLOUD," with its grayish, misty tones, conveys a high sense of beauty.

Wear it, hang it, or roll it. It will embrace you gently in any setting.


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MATERIAL:100% Silk
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Field / Cloud Gray / Kantha stole



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