Gekkou / Kasumi / Edokiriko cup

ゲッコウ / 霞 / 江戸切子カップ

Beyond the Japanese atmosphere, we wanted to create Edo Kiriko, with an elongated impression that can be enjoyed with coffee or tea, to pursue the possibilities of Edo Kiriko. This Edo Kiriko cup, made of hard glass, was born from this desire.

The hail pattern is a brilliant, modern two-tone design. It is a very auspicious traditional pattern combining "yarai," which represents the shape of bamboo or logs assembled in different directions, and is said to "build the foundation of things" and "solidify the foundation." “Nanako," which means scales of fish and represents "fertility and abundance" is also incorporated in the design.

"GEKKOU" translates to moonlight. The shadows of light spilling from the faceted glass, which is circular like the moon, are beautiful. Thinking of this scene, we designed this product as a vessel to enjoy the scenery of light. Each vessel is handcrafted, using Japanese materials and techniques, and shines with the delicate sensitivity of the Japanese people and the traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. Hard glass is heat resistant, allowing you to enjoy coffee and tea. Enjoy a moonlight scene, using the steam from your tea as a haze.

What is "Edo Kiriko"?"Edo Kiriko" is a general term for glass products that have been cut using the Kiriko technique that are produced in Edo (now Tokyo), Japan, from the late Edo period to the present. Kiriko refers to cut glass. Due to its beauty, it is still beloved today as sake ware and glassware.


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MATERIAL:Hard glass
PACKAGE SIZE:W115mm×D115mm×H83mm in paulownia box
COMMENTS:Since all products are handmade, the materials, specifications, sizes, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product. note that.

Gekkou / Kasumi / Edokiriko cup



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