Mishina / Iron Stand_L and 3Plate / Kurogaratsu


This appetizer stand combines an iron stand and three 4" plates. Serving bite-sized dishes such as sweets or appetizers, it leaves space for a beautiful view. It is useful for serving three kinds of appetizers derived from "Shiki Sanken," a feasting ritual that has continued since the Heian period (794-1192), or for afternoon tea.

The amazing handiwork of ceramic artist Tsuchiya and iron artist unit Um Dimm resonate with each other and accentuate each artist’s individuality. Designer Yumi Terauchi's philosophy, such as the handle designed for easy serving and the height calculated for easy access for diners, creates a new style of food presentation. Please enjoy the harmony of the unique shapes created by ceramic artist, iron artist, and product designer.

Plate / Yukiko Tsuchiya, ceramic artist
Iron Stand / Um Dimm, Iron Artist
Design: Yumi Terauchi


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MATERIAL:Pottery and Iron
SIZE:Iron Stand_L: W190×D175mm×H185mm / Plate: W120mm×D120mm×H30mm
PACKAGE SIZE:Iron Stand_L: W203×D203mm×H200mm / Plate: W147mm×D147mm×H32mm in paper box
COMMENTS:Please note that as this is a handmade product, the degree of glaze, distortion, size, etc. may differ from the actual product. Please leave the selection to us.

Mishina / Iron Stand_L and 3Plate / Kurogaratsu



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