Mishina / Iron stand_S


"How is this supposed to be used?" This formative structure, with a little sense of déjà vu, may cause a moment of bewilderment. However, this is the inevitable result of the intersection of the ideas of Yumi Terauchi, a product designer who is inspired by tradition, and the finely honed techniques of Um Dimm, a team of iron artists.

This iron stand folds over in three rows, while maintaining a beautiful balance. Paired with 12cm" plates, it creates a new rhythm on the dining table. It is useful for serving three kinds of appetizers derived from "Shiki Sanken," a feasting ritual that has continued since the Heian period (794-1192), or for afternoon tea. Its easy-to-hold design allows you to carry it on your plate to the dining table.

Thin, strong, light, and precise, the sharp and beautiful finish of iron is the result of delicate handwork. Um Dimm, the unit of iron artists Daisuke and Mayumi Ishikawa, carefully creates each piece of work, facing the iron with a geometric motif.

Production: Um Dimm, Iron Artists
Design: Yumi Terauchi


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PACKAGE SIZE:W203mm×D203mm×H100mm in paper box

Mishina / Iron stand_S



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