Mishina / Plate / Kurogaratsu

四寸皿 / 黒唐津

Although small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it has a solid feel and high visual impact. This 4" dish has a free and graceful strength, and you can enjoy the texture of black karatsu, which produces various expressions. Serving bite-sized dishes such as sweets or appetizers leaves room for a beautiful view.

The delicately curved surface adds to the richness of the plate's expression, and its subtle rise gives it a comfortable, reassuring feeling. The slightly elevated base reflects shadows and seems to float in the air. The personality of the ceramic artist Yukiko Tsuchiya and the sensibility of the designer Yumi Terauchi have fused to create a new type of vessel with a unique appearance.

Terauchi expressed the wish, "I want to challenge the fine craftsmanship of Karatsu because I am in Karatsu." Tsuchiya accepted this wish head-on and worked on the production. This work reflects the thoughts and skills of both of these artists.

Production: Yukiko Tsuchiya, ceramic artist
Design: Yumi Terauchi


If you would like wrapping, please purchase this wrapping product.

PACKAGE SIZE:W147mm×D147mm×H32mm in paper box
COMMENTS:Please note that as this is a handmade product, the degree of glaze, distortion, size, etc. may differ from the actual product. Please leave the selection to us.

Mishina / Plate / Kurogaratsu



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