Niji no Matsubara / Ginnezu_Gray / Tenugui

にじのまつばら / 銀鼠 / てぬぐい

Yumi Terauchi, a designer who loves Karatsu, designed this gray hand-printed tenugui towel as TOKIWAGI's inspiration and a reflection of Karatsu's scenery. Gray is also TOKIWAGI's brand color.

The motif is the Niji-no-Matsubara in Karatsu, one of the three most beautiful pine forests in Japan. It depicts a plover crossing a pine grove and the TOKIWAGI mark as the moon. The original was drawn using pine cones to express the artist's love for Karatsu.

Hand-printing is a process in which a mold is made for each color, and the colored paste is printed on the fabric using a squeegee. Fine-grained fabrics were selected for the material, and each piece was finished by hand. It has practical use as a dishcloth, personal washcloth, or handkerchief, and it's also appreciated as a souvenir or a gift.


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MATERIAL:100% cotton
PACKAGE SIZE:W162mm×L232mm Envelope included

Niji no Matsubara / Ginnezu_Gray / Tenugui



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