There I sense something / Art book

そこにある何か / アートブック

This is a unique book that was developed through the product-design approach, taking it beyond the context of so-called traditional book design.

"Traditional Crafts for the Modern Age," by product designer Yumi Terauchi, traces the history of handcrafts that are elevated by the sincerity and skill of Japanese craftspersons.

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, the rich natural environment has given birth to a climate and culture unique to the area. This has nurtured a refined sense of beauty in the Japanese people. Within this special landscape, you will find beautiful items that have been used with love in daily life since ancient times. Yumi Terauchi creates products by respecting traditions and customs while capturing the essence of what is there and valuing nature and aesthetics.

When Terauchi decided to publish the book as an art book on the company's 20th anniversary, she approached Masako Matsuura, the project editor she felt had the closest discernment to her own. With the addition of photographer Kiritani Yoshitaka, whom Matsuura trusted the most, the project began.

The photographs included in this book were taken by Terauchi and Kiritani as they traveled by car from Akita to Saga. Occasionally joined by Matsuura, they found themselves fascinated by the materials and moved by the craftsmanship in the workshop and captivated by the time spent entering the mountains, waiting for the moon to rise, and feeling the unique atmosphere of each location. Mr. Koshigaya's attitude of valuing chance encounters is particularly worthy of respect. I encourage you to explore his sensibilities through this book.

The theme of this book is not just "craftworks." It encompasses the skills that brought forth the creations, the surrounding environment and the emotions of the people who have continued the traditions—all of these constitute the essence of the crafts created up to this point. We wanted to create a book that contained that feeling and communicated it through the flipping of its pages.

The bookbinding technique is a unique method called "Fukurotoji," a practice in which the top of each page is left open. This was inspired by the traditional Japanese etiquette of "taking in the blessings (not falling out from under)," which is based on Japanese binding. Together with the soft, fluffy paper, it creates a gentle impression throughout the book.

We would delighted to be able to bring a little comfort to people's daily lives by experiencing anew the depth and richness of Japan and Japanese culture through crafts supported by the delicate and intricate handiwork nurtured in each region of of the country.

Winner of the 2022 Japan Self-Publishing Culture Award's Grand Prize.

• Planning: Yumi Terauchi
• Project Editing: Masako Matsuura
• Photo: Yoshitaka Koshigaya
• Book Design: Koji Miyazoe
• English Translation: Coco Masuda
• Printing and Bookbinding: Yahiro Bijutsu Co.


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There I sense something / Art book



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