Warli village / Black / Kantha stole

ワルリヴィレッジ / ブラック / カンタ シルクストール

A single large piece of cloth, so delicately embroidered that it is captivating at first glance - this Kantha embroidered scarf was born from a project that designer Yumi Terauchi worked on for several years, starting with a scarf she stumbled upon during her frequent visits to India.

Depicted here are various plants and people. The world they weave together is like music, with beautiful rhythm and harmony. Many tiny stitches come together, sometimes brightly, sometimes quietly, to accompany you. How about choosing the tone that best suits your mood and the scene of the day?

"BLACK," with its playful and energetic black threads, will add color to your day with its tempo-driven fun and liveliness. "WHITE," embroidered with white threads on white cloth, gives the impression of being lost in a silvery-white world and will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Kantha embroidery is an ancient form of stitching and hand embroidery in the Bengal region. Each stole is made of hand-spun and hand-woven tussar silk, and each one is carefully embroidered by women, giving it a presence that makes it a wearable piece of art. The tussar silk material has a subtle sheen and is highly moisture-absorbent and desorptive, making it suitable for all seasons.
Due to the one-piece tailoring, the knots and feeds of the embroidery threads are visible on the reverse side.

This stole is a Kantha embroidered representation of a mural painted by the Warli, an indigenous minority tribe in western India. Nature is beautifully symbolized and richly depicted through Kantha embroidery. Based on hand-spun and hand-woven tussar silk, the traditional craft has been reconstructed to create a contemporary design.

Wear it, hang it, or roll it. It will embrace you gently in any setting.


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MATERIAL:100% Silk
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Warli village / Black / Kantha stole



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